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Cameras Catch Thief Using Tool to Bypass Secure Apartment Garage Gates

Posted by Al Zoricic on Oct 20, 2023

As a multifamily residential community owner, investor, or manager, you’re faced with a variety of challenges and bids for your attention. Maintaining a safe, secure environment for residents, minimizing risks, and responding quickly to threats while prioritizing safety and reducing liability concerns should be managed in a smooth, predictable manner that requires minimal intervention on your part. 

There are dozens of ways in which multifamily residential communities can be at risk for security threats, which makes finding effective security solutions that can help reduce and deter criminal activity a challenge. This is especially true in parking facilities. Both lots and garages at apartment buildings are frequently targeted by thieves looking for access to a wide range of potential vehicles that can be burglarized or stolen, and they’ll often take creative steps to get to them: from gate-crashing and tailgating to other, more unusual methods, like the one seen in the video example below: 

At approximately 2:30 a.m., Stealth security operators observing a Washington apartment community noticed something unusual at the entrance gate of the secure parking garage. An individual could be seen on camera using a long, thin item to access a switch that then raised the gate, allowing the suspicious individual unfettered access to the garage. 

The individual then could be seen approaching multiple vehicles and taking items. Stealth security professionals immediately contacted local police dispatch due to the nature of the activity being observed, and responding officers could be seen apprehending the gate crasher and taking them into custody. 

Implementing a Proactive Security Solution Can Help Reduce Criminal Activity and Liability Risks 

It’s common for apartment buildings and other multifamily residential communities to rely on traditional security measures- like guards, courtesy patrols, security fencing, gates, or unmonitored security cameras to protect their residents and property.  

However, many of these solutions are easy to bypass, have limited visibility or coverage, or can become prohibitively expensive. Unmonitored surveillance cameras only record events- when they’re working effectively- and are only useful after a crime has been committed. Additionally, security guards can fall asleep, or may have inadequate training, which could expand liability exposure.    

Stealth’s live video monitoring provides a superior proactive security solution for multifamily properties compared to traditional security guards or passive camera systems. 

Our intelligent video analytics detect true threats, not just motion, while our highly experienced monitoring personnel can accurately assess suspicious individuals or activities in real time. When our operators observe an unfolding crime, public safety hazard, or policy violation, they can swiftly execute customized response protocols that match the situation, including sounding on-site alarms, contacting on-site security, and requesting immediate police dispatch when advisable. 

These real-time audio warnings frequently compel suspects to immediately flee, while our live visual evidence and descriptions of crimes in progress empower police to respond with urgency. This unique capability facilitates significantly faster response times compared to typical calls. 

Stealth leverages the latest technologies and proven methodologies to offer comprehensive, customizable security solutions for communities seeking enhanced protection, reduced risks and liability, lower costs, and greater peace of mind. 

Let our experienced multifamily security specialists design an intelligent monitoring program tailored to your property’s specific risks and needs, and pricing up to 60% less than traditional security guards. Contact Stealth today for a free site evaluation and quote. 

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