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Can You Trust Your Security Guards with Important Documents?

Posted by Sean Murphy on Feb 20, 2019

are good reasons to hire security guards to protect your business and its assets, but there are also some liability and risks involved. One of the risks of working with security guards is they could mishandle important documents and affect your business.

Security guards, especially those posted in a security shack at the entrance of a logistics hub or distribution center, often receive copies of important documents and credentials such as a driver’s license and information from clients and vendors. How do they manage these documents? Do they leave sensitive information lying around for potential identity theft?

For many security guards, this is a stopgap job and not a long-term career. Often, criminals approach security guards to involve them in their illegal activities.

What Are the Problems with Using Security Guards?

It’s not just the mishandling of documents that concerns managers. Here are sevenways security guards can put your business at risk:

1. They passively monitor the property

This can lead to boredom and cause them to miss the obvious. They do this day in and day out, so when something suspicious happens, they might not react quickly.

2. They can’t be everywhere

Potential thieves watch the security guard’s routines for patterns and habits. They’ll find security gaps and take advantage.

3. They’re human

Humans make mistakes especially when they’re tired or don’t feel well. Effectively doing their jobs requires security guards to stay in top form every hour of every day. They might leave important information out in the open or forget to lock doors. They may fear for their lives causing them not to handle dangerous situations properly.

4. Failure to follow safety protocols

It could be lack of training, not coordinating especially during shift changes, or simply failing to follow the process. These could lead to safety issues and injuries.

5. They can’t see everything

The loading dock employees may leave doors unlocked and merchandise or equipment out in the open. The security guard may not be there to catch it and secure the items or premises.

6. They don’t use the electronic security system

Either they haven’t received appropriate training or they’re not following protocols to check the security system on a regular basis.

7. They can be involved in the crime

Employee Theft Costs US Businesses $50BB A Year

Guards may be complicit in your theft, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Whether it’s a threat of violence or proceeds from the crime, criminals may contact your security guards and convince them to participate in the theft. When the security guard is involved, it removes the largest barrier for thieves. In the past, guards have even staged the property to make it easier for the criminals to steal. In some cases, guards may have friends or relatives who are criminals and they may not be aware they’ve given someone the idea to steal from your business.

If you need security guards to oversee entry points where they check driver’s credentials, a hybrid security solution that uses technology is a good option. Security that includes live video monitoring keeps an eye on the security guards. However, another option is to use gate access control.

Protect Your Documents and Increase Security with Access Control and Video Monitoring

This security system can reduce or replace security guards along with their risks and liabilities. The integration of the access control system with remote video monitoring services allows the trained operator to watch the action and view critical information like the vehicle’s license plate, driver’s license, and the person’s face, all from a remote location. Strategically
placed cameras can follow the vehicle’s movement through the property to help ensure safety. Then, the driver interacts with the operator again upon exiting to verify the driver’s identity and conduct a final check on the vehicle.

Don’t put your clients, vendors, or business at risk with security guards who don’t pay attention to the information and documentation they receive. They have a lot going on and it’s easy to overlook something. Live video monitoring can help alleviate these concerns.

If you would like more information about live video monitoring security solutions that help protect your business and property, please contact us.