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Canadian Construction Site Trespasser Quickly Captured

Posted by Ryan Cox on Jan 12, 2024

Theft has become an unfortunate yet growing trend in Canada’s construction industry, as sites across the country face losses of critical tools, materials, and equipment. Recent data indicates the concerning scale of these incidents – Northbridge Financial Corp. reports that 38% of construction insurance claims now relate to theft. As Silvy Wright, Northbridge President and CEO, emphasizes, leveraging technology is key to mitigating risks.  

The root causes of this surge are complex, tied in part to pandemic-related supply chain disruptions that have made construction assets scarcer and more valuable. The spike in lumber prices alone has rendered storage yards and active sites increasingly attractive targets, but materials are only one of many temptations for thieves focused on construction sites. For example, multiple 1,000 lb. pieces of construction equipment were stolen from a construction site in Barrie. In another incident, $130K in property stolen from Alberta, B.C. was recovered in Calgary- which included a Honda 5000 generator that was stolen from a worksite, as well as electrical wire, geographical imaging equipment, and 2 work trucks. 

The implications span far beyond just the financial. Where materials or tools are stolen, work grinds to a halt, deadlines are missed, and additional costs ripple outward through the building process. Even temporary losses can permanently damage construction timelines and bottom lines. Site managers across Canada are rightly alarmed and doubling down on protective measures in response.   

But technology and vigilance together can help turn the tide. Innovations in remote surveillance, access control and inventory management can help empower builders to cost-effectively monitor their assets while minimizing work interruptions.  

In this Arrest of the Month video, remote video monitoring from Stealth plays a key role in quickly removing a trespasser from a British Columbia construction site before they could make off with tools or materials. 

At roughly 1:40 a.m., Stealth security professionals monitoring a British Columbia construction site observed an individual trespassing on the property, wearing a black hoodie and carrying a backpack on their person. The suspect entered the unfinished building through a door, disappearing from camera view. Monitoring operators immediately contacted local police, and officers arrived onsite quickly, locating the individual and taking them into custody. 

Enhance Construction Site Security with Proactive Video Monitoring 

Construction sites require more than standard fencing and lighting to deter theft, vandalism, and liability risks. As security footage often reveals, even robust perimeter barriers fail to dissuade some criminals and curiosity seekers from targeting equipment, materials, and tools.  

To customize comprehensive protection across your dynamic work zones, innovative video analytics offer a cutting-edge solution. Our intelligent remote video monitoring camera systems go beyond motion detection to identify and respond to suspicious individuals and activities in real time. When concerning behaviors occur, our trained monitoring personnel can take immediate action by sounding warnings or contacting police to prompt prioritized response.  

This blend of AI technology and human expertise provides construction firms with responsive, scalable security tailored to their sites’ evolving layouts and vulnerabilities. With recorded evidence also bolstering investigations and prosecutions of criminal acts, it’s a powerful deterrent. 

Stealth’s advanced video surveillance can reduce security expenses by up to 60% compared to traditional measures. It minimizes onsite disturbances while protecting assets essential for achieving project timelines and profit goals. 

Learn more about integrating intelligent video capabilities across your jobsites and upcoming projects when you contact us today. Our security specialists can consult on tailoring the optimal features and coverage to fortify your sites in a financially sustainable way.  

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