Cannabis Grow House Video Surveillance

Posted by Rick Charney on September 7, 2016

A cannabis grow house can be an excellent investment. One family-owned marijuana growing business generated $8 million in annual revenue. But marijuana farms require large startup costs. The same family that owned this legal marijuana farm initially took out a half million-dollar loan.

Marijuana dispensaries and pot farms, such as this cannabis grow house, face security threats every day, including burglaries, robberies, and violent crimes. Their assets, equipment, employees, and even on-site security guards need adequate protection.

A legal cannabis grow house can produce 200 pounds of high quality marijuana in a month. The whole growing process takes about six months. In Illinois, medical marijuana grow houses are usually located in warehouses due to weather conditions and security requirements. Illinois requires dispensaries and marijuana farms to have video surveillance.

One cannabis grow house in Illinois had 144 security cameras. The indoor surveillance cameras monitor 40,000 square feet of commercial property. Their marijuana security system is made of IP security cameras that send video via the internet to a surveillance operator. This location is monitored remotely. To keep track of inventory, each of the marijuana seedlings is tagged with a tracking number.

A family-run cannabis grow house in San Francisco, California understood the need of adequate security measures. Major banks do not work with legal marijuana dispensaries since marijuana is not legalized nationally. As a result, legal marijuana shops can work with cash exclusively. This legal weed shop brought in $50,000 in cash revenue in one day, which prompted this cannabis grow house to invest in more security measures.

This grow house business expanded to two locations. Each indoor marijuana farm had bulletproof glass and doors. Both locations had indoor and outdoor security cameras. The family business hired armed guards and armored trucks to transport the money.

Neither of these legal marijuana farms are Stealth Monitoring clients.

Stealth Monitoring is a security industry leader in live video surveillance with over 15,000 video cameras watched nationwide. Stealth proactive video monitoring can detect and deter crime cities in the U.S. and Canada while reducing security guard and other expenses. Stealth's virtual security guard service can reduce or even replace security guards at a fraction of the cost. A remote surveillance Stealth operator can see unusual activity at a cannabis grow house, activate a speaker warning to deter suspects, and call the local police.

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