Cannabis Trespassers Deterred by Audio Warning

Posted by Mick Warncke on January 20, 2022

Usually, after-hour trespassers are up to no good. When unknown persons arrive at cannabis stores after hours with unidentified intentions, red flags are raised. Because the store is closed, the people are probably not there to purchase products, apply for a job or make a delivery.

It is assumed that they are there to cause some sort of damage or destruction, such as vandalize property assets, break into and rob the store, or loiter on the property.

In the following video, Stealth’s on-site audio warning helped to deter the actions of two trespassers.

Around half past midnight, a pickup truck was seen by a highly trained Stealth security operator driving onto the parking lot and parking the vehicle near a cannabis store. Two individuals exited the truck. Our operator immediately activated the on-site speaker warning. The two walked beside the store on the driveway, off the property and out of camera view.

One of the individuals returned into camera view and appeared to be talking on a cell phone as he approached the truck. He got into the driver’s side of the truck and drove off the lot.

Stealth is Ready to Act to Help Deter Unwanted Events

Trespassers, burglars, loiterers and the like do not want to be seen or to have attention drawn to them so that they can easily carry out their unwanted actions. At times, disguised by darkness, they lurk, steal and linger on your property without being seen. With Stealth, however, we can not only see such people, but we can act to help deter their behaviors that can cause unwanted incidents on your property.

Sometimes all it takes to prevent questionable people from acting destructively is to know that someone is watching. It’s unknown what the two individuals were planning to do at the cannabis store in the above video. What is known is that when our operator activated the on-site speaker warning, the two sauntered off the property, as if they were just out for a leisurely stroll.

The audible warning was enough to let them know that someone, somewhere was watching them and helped prevent them from whatever actions they had planned.

Our proactive, remote video surveillance security solution uses IP video surveillance cameras, pre-programmed with advanced analytics. These cameras are placed on your property, in places that will most effectively catch unwanted incidents.

Behind these cameras is a team of highly trained, remote security operators. As the camera’s technology filters through real time video streams, it determines when an event needs human intervention. At that moment, the technology alerts one of our operators who immediately takes over.

The operator sees what is taking place in real time via the technology and then can act to help deter unwanted events. Operators can then activate on-site audible warnings, contact on-call managers, call police and more, all while continuing to watch and monitor in-progress events on your property to help ensure the situation is deterred.

Contact our cannabis security specialists to determine how Stealth’s on-site speaker warnings and remote video monitoring can help increase security at your cannabis store.

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