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A Triple Dose of Parking Garage Arm Gate Damage

Posted by Amy Hite on Jun 1, 2018

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Inevitably, your commercial property will experience damage. Whether the cause is intentional like vandalism, neglect as in human error, or natural phenomena in the form of a hurricane or tornado, the result can be devastating. Do you have the right tools in place to help safeguard your property?

In this month’s featured video, a triple dose of parking garage gate damage.

Watch the Video: Criminal Arrested: A Triple Dose of Parking Garage Arm Gate Damage

In addition to live remote video monitoring, Stealth offers many value-added services, including incident backup, video review and daily health checks. Even when Stealth’s surveillance cameras are not being watched live during designated monitoring hours, our dedicated video review team can search through hours of video footage to find any incidents that may have occurred, saving you and your staff valuable time.

Recording and archiving activities helps to identify perpetrators and recover repair costs. In addition, the footage can prove useful when dealing with insurance companies or authorities. To ensure everything is operating correctly, our IT department will perform a daily health check on your system to maintain reliability and provide continuous viewing and recording capabilities. It’s all part of Stealth’s world-class solution.

Did You Know?

There is risk involved in relying on a traditional guard as your property’s sole source of security. Want to learn more? Click here to download our white paper, Changing of the Guard, to read about the financial and liability implications of traditional security guards.

How Can You Help Prevent Smash & Grabs?

Smash and grab robberies cause a lot of property damage. What can your commercial property do to help prevent this activity?

Resistant Glass

Install burglary-resistant glass in showcase sides, fronts and tops to slow down an attack. Since thieves want to move as quickly as possible, the glass may keep them from accessing your inventory.

Product Display

Many businesses like to showcase their high-end merchandise in one place. Consider displaying these items throughout the store.

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What Happened at Two Ohio Shopping Centers?

Vandalism and property damage are common issues at retail properties, but they may be hard to trace since the only evidence is often just that, damage to the property. Two Ohio shopping centers learned this lesson the hard way. In one incident, a male suspect threw a rock at the front door of a shoe store but did not break the glass. He then used his shoulder to attempt to break it but was unsuccessful. He did, however, manage to cause about $1,000 in damages. Click here to read the full article.