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Apartment Laundry Thief Caught

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on Oct 27, 2016

Catch of the Month Newsletter: Apartment Laundry Thief Caught

This apartment laundry thief was well prepared. He brought a toolset with an electric drill. He came late at night when the room was empty. He checked the washing machines to see which had money. But he forgot to check the live camera in the corner. As a result, he’s going to need a lot of washing machine quarters to make bail.

Watch the Video: Apartment Laundry Thief Drills Into Washing Machines – Live Video Surveillance

At 3:35am, a man walks into the laundry room at an Irving, Texas multifamily apartment complex. He carries a screwdriver and a silver case. The suspect tilts several washing machines to determine how much change they hold. A proactive Stealth Monitoring security operator calls the local police.

The thief takes an electric drill from his case. He uses the drill to remove the protective case from the change compartment. He starts to work on a second washer when the police arrive. The burglar immediately throws himself on the ground. The Irving Police arrest the suspect.

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Stealth continues to grow and announced it now watches 9,000 security cameras every night. Every month Stealth sees and reports over a thousand incidents. Stealth makes hundreds of calls each month to police about trespassers and crimes that we watch in real-time. These police dispatches typically receive priority police response and lead to an arrest almost every day. Stealth has clients in the US from coast to coast that range from enterprise customers with dozens of locations to individual client site businesses.

Marijuana Video Surveillance and Cameras Often Mandatory

Marijuana video surveillance cameras are mandatory at many medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational marijuana stores. Weed stores and marijuana dispensaries can be found in Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and other states.

Recreational and medical marijuana use has not been nationally legalized. As a result, marijuana shops, farms, warehouses, and distribution centers have their own set of unique problems. Banks refuse to work with weed shops. Retail marijuana sales are only paid with cash. This means that there is always a lot of cash on-site, which makes cannabis stores and grow houses attractive targets to thieves.

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