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Caught on Camera: Truck Rams Pool Facility Fencing at Georgia Apartment Community

Posted by Elianna Rosen on May 4, 2023

When it comes to vehicles causing damage in multifamily communities, the unfortunate recipients of the “crash and go” are usually entrances and parking facility security gates. This makes sense, as they’re the usual barriers keeping impatient or shady individuals from accessing the community. For example, in this video a driver smashed one gate and attempted to drive through another. In this one, a suspect used wire cutters to damage a gate, and in this video a woman crashed her vehicle directly into the access control gate. 

However, entrance and access control gates are not the only potential targets for damage. Watch what happened when Stealth caught on camera a rather unusual incident in the pool area of a Georgia apartment community. 


Just after midnight, Stealth security professionals monitoring a Georgia apartment community spotted a truck driving directly into the fence surrounding the community pool. Operators immediately activated audible alarms and contacted local police due to the nature of the activity observed. Responding officers arrived quickly and could be seen on surveillance making contact with the vehicle’s occupant and appearing to take them into custody. 

Help Maintain a Secure Environment and Minimize Liability Risks with Proactive Security 

Proactive security is leaps and bounds ahead of traditional reactive security measures in responsiveness, but even the most proactive security can’t prevent every incident. In a scenario like the one above, however, the ability to observe and respond to activity in real time can make all the difference. 

Rather than discovering the damages the next day, or even later, and then combing through footage in an attempt to discover what happened and when, live video monitoring allowed a near-instantaneous response to a vehicle causing damage to amenities, as well as fast police intervention.   

Stealth’s live video monitoring solution uses a combination of video analytics technology and the human intelligence of trained security professionals to monitor areas throughout your property for suspicious or unwanted activity in real time. When someone or something appears out of place, our pros can take immediate action, sounding onsite alarms and warning speakers, contacting onsite security, or escalating directly to local police dispatch, where we can provide real-time descriptions and information. 

Police typically elevate our call priority, and that leads to faster response times. Best of all, our proactive solutions are usually 25-60% more cost-effective than traditional security guards while providing the highest possible level of security while also minimizing liability. Additionally, recording and archiving site activities can prove especially useful when dealing with insurance companies and authorities in property damage issues like this scenario, as well as on-site injury claims and other accidents. 

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