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Colorado Construction Site Theft Stopped with Remote Video Monitoring

Posted by Natalie Pettus on Mar 9, 2023

Construction site theft is so common that up to a billion dollars in equipment, materials, and appliances are stolen from construction sites every single year. Unfortunately, less than 25% of these stolen materials and items are recovered, according to the National Equipment Register.  

Thieves know that construction sites are an ideal target- assuming that their security solutions are limited to fencing, guards, or other traditional systems. See what happened when thieves targeted a site being watched by Stealth Monitoring and attempted a heist: 

Long after workers were done for the day, a Stealth security professional noticed a dark colored pickup truck pulling up outside the perimeter fencing at a Colorado construction site. Two individuals exited the vehicle, entered the site by forcing through one of the fencing panels, and walked out of camera view. The driver of the vehicle remained inside the vehicle, parked outside the site. 

The operator immediately contacted local law enforcement dispatch and informed them of the trespass, as well as a description of the suspects and their location. Police arrived quickly, and when the driver caught sight of them quickly drove away. However, police followed the vehicle out of camera view. The two suspects that entered the site were intercepted, arrested, and escorted off site.  

Remote Video Surveillance Can Help Protect Your Jobsite from Trespassing and Theft 

Construction sites present a unique set of security challenges. They’re typically large, irregularly shaped, in constant flux throughout a project, and require expensive and valuable equipment and materials be kept outdoors. Gates, perimeter fences, and security guards are often not enough to deter would-be criminals. 

Unlike traditional reactive security measures, remote video monitoring is a proactive solution. Remote video monitoring works with the challenges that characterize construction sites, is completely customizable, and can be moved and adjusted as a jobsite changes. 

Stealth’s remote video monitoring solution uses a combination of analytics-based cameras and trained security professionals to monitor your jobsite in real time, responding to threats and suspicious or unwanted activity as it happens.  

Just as you saw in the above video, when our trained operators spot someone or something out of place, they can take action- sounding onsite alarms to disperse trespassers or contacting local police to intercept thieves or vandals.  

You can learn more about how our customizable solutions can be put to work for your construction business by contacting us today, and get details about how you can save up to 60% on security spend while reducing risks and liabilities as well. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187