Commercial Burglary Prevention Tips

Posted by Amy Hite on February 14, 2017

Commercial burglary prevention can be as simple as checking your doors or as complex as conducting a risk and safety assessment on your multifamily apartment community, industrial property, office space, or other commercial properties.

These are a few commercial burglary prevention tips you can deter criminals and thieves.

Secure at all potential entrances.

  • Doors: Solid wooden doors or metal reinforced should be used. Exterior glass doors should made of laminated glass or "strong glass" for increased strength. At least a single deadbolt lock use be used with minimum keys available. You should use non-duplication keys or a digital access control system to reduce unauthorized reproductions.
  • Windows: Like glass doors, windows should be made of laminate glass or "strong glass" for increase strength. Window treatments can be use to prevent smash & grab break ins.
  • Roofs: Conceal and protect your roof access ladders. Other means a burglars could get to your roof are tree limbs, adjoining roofs, antenna towers, and drain pipes.
  • Any opening can be a potential entrance: Secure skylight, air ducts, attics, crawl spaces and other areas shared by neighboring businesses.

Put the spotlight on thieves and burglars.

Good light can add a few layers of prevention. Criminals usually look for dark and hidden areas to enter a commercial property. You can install lighting that remain on all night motion or activated lights around entrances such as the roof, roof access ladder, windows, and doors. If you can see inside your commercial property after business hours, you could use low wattage lights on inside to show trespassers.

Maintain exterior shrubbery.

If bushes are too high or trees canopies too low, a burglar can hide behind the landscaping. The motion activated lights would not register movement. Shrubs with prickly leaves and branches can add another layer of prevention.


A fence can be your first line of defense in commercial burglary prevention. You should make sure that the fence is tall and strong enough to deter criminals. You should also keep your fence in good repair. Quickly repair any holes in or under your fence line.

Consider hiring a well-trained security guard.

A security guard can patrol your property and look for suspicious behavior. It is important to have a security guard watching all potential entrances. A remote security guard can do the same thing with outdoor surveillance cameras. With the proper burglar protection protocols in place, an on-site or virtual security guard can call the local police, if the situation escalates.

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