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What Are the Most Common Questions About IP Surveillance Cameras?

Posted by Steve Mansell on Jan 9, 2018

IP surveillance cameras are part of a customized construction site security system. Construction site managers usually have some questions before they purchase outdoor surveillance cameras. Many of these questions are about functionality and price. Stealth’s outdoor security solutions utilize the internet and up-to-date technologies to protect construction sites from workplace negligence, theft, and trespassing.

Can I Use My Current Internet Connection for Remote Video Monitoring?

IP surveillance cameras require a lot of data. Construction site security specialists can assess your current network in conjunction with your security requirements. The specialist can recommend the type of internet and network for your business. Their recommendation needs to be able to handle the construction site security requirements while not impacting your site’s normal business internet speed and stability.

Can IP Surveillance Cameras Move and Change Positions?

Our outdoor security cameras have pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. Construction site security operators control the movements of these cameras.How Do IP Surveillance Cameras Notify Operators About Movements?

Outdoor security cameras notify construction site security operators about unauthorized movements with video analytics. The video analytics can disregard unimportant moments such as a tree branch moving in the wind.

What Else Can a Construction Site Security System Do Besides Deter Crime?

A construction site security solution can protect your assets and employees from vandalism and theft. The surveillance video can also serve as video evidence for local authorities or false claims. If a client or employee presents your firm with a lawsuit, the surveillance video can protect you from liability.

How Durable are Outdoor IP Surveillance Cameras?

Outdoor security cameras are made of durable materials that can withstand a variety of different weather and lighting conditions. Cameras are protected from rain and excessive heat. High quality camera lenses will not get distorted by heat. Stealth’s outdoor surveillance cameras adapt to day and night lighting conditions.

If you have additional questions, please contact our construction site security specialists.