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Construction Materials Theft Gone Awry

Posted by Ryan Palmer on Nov 18, 2021

Construction sites tend to be favored spots for thieves who target valuable equipment and materials such as lumber, tools of the trade and even catalytic converters found in some heavy-duty types of equipment. This equipment and materials are left unattended at times during the day, but almost always at night, when crews have gone home after work.

Watch what happens when police arrive on an active construction site at night and catch two individuals in the act of stealing.

Two individuals were spotted by a trained Stealth security operator breaching access onto an active construction site. The individuals proceeded toward one of the buildings under construction. Our operator contacted police and informed officers as to the individual’s whereabouts on the construction site.

In the meantime, the thieves headed to an area where construction materials were stored onsite. Both began gathering unidentifiable materials from this area and carrying each stash close to the fence line, where they likely loaded it into a vehicle. As the individuals were actively stealing, two police cruisers arrived onsite. Due to the location given by our operator, officers parked their cruisers near the action.

Officers exited their vehicles, intercepted and handcuffed the suspects. Local police later notified Stealth Monitoring that the suspects were arrested for burglary and trespassing.

In-progress Theft Detected and Deterred with Remote Video Monitoring

Most construction site theft is the result of an opportunity presenting itself. This means an individual could be walking beside your site, see something they want, breach access, and steal it. In other words, few construction site thefts are the results of a planned attack, although it could and does happen. Stealth’s remote video security solutions, customized specifically for construction sites, can help detect and deter theft on your site.

Our solution begins with high-definition video cameras that are pre-programmed with advanced video analytics. This allows technology to filter video streams live, as the camera captures real-time activity, and detects certain activities – all on its own. No human intervention is needed. When the technology identifies an activity that needs human intelligence to analyze and act, it alerts a highly qualified Stealth security operator.

Per a pre-determined protocol of action and with extensive prior training, our operators can activate onsite audio warnings. Sometimes when thieves know they are being watched, this is enough to make them leave. However, for more determined thieves, our operators can contact police, continue to watch the theft in real time and notify dispatch of the last known location of the suspects. Because we are watching live activity, police tend to elevate the priority level of the call, which often results in officers arriving while the suspects are still on the scene, often before costly damage is done.

Contact our construction security specialists to learn more about detecting and deterring theft of your valuable materials and equipment on your construction site with remote video monitoring – typically at a price point that is 25-60% more cost effective than traditional security solutions.