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Construction Materials Theft Stopped Thanks to Surveillance

Posted by Steve Mansell on Oct 28, 2022

In the wee hours of the morning, spotting trespassers, thieves, or vandals in the area of a construction site is hardly unusual. After all, there’s loads of temptation to be found. What the prowler in the following video didn’t count on was that someone was watching. 

At 3:12 a.m., a Stealth security professional who was monitoring surveillance cameras at an under-construction multifamily residential building noticed someone trespassing on the jobsite. On closer inspection, the individual could be seen entering the construction site, grabbing an object, and looking into the materials with a flashlight. The security operator immediately activated the on-site speakers and contacted local law enforcement. 

Minutes later, after police dispatch was provided with up-to-the-moment details, on-foot officers arrived on scene. The individual made a frantic dash in an attempt to escape, but was ultimately pinned, cuffed, and taken into custody.   

Don’t Let Construction Theft Set Back Your Timelines. Put Proactive Security Measures to Work for You. 

Anyone in construction knows that jobsites are frequent targets for criminal activity. Theft, vagrancy, vandalism- all are common security concerns. Materials theft in particular can become a major issue. As materials costs have steadily risen, so too have thefts. Replacement costs and project delays mean these crimes can cause major damage to businesses trying to complete projects on a deadline.  

Remote video monitoring is a proactive security measure that can help to spot and respond to suspicious behaviors on a jobsite as they happen. Using analytics-based cameras placed strategically throughout a jobsite, and trained security professionals monitoring surveillance feeds in real time, Stealth helps detect and disperse unwanted activity quickly.  

Much like the case above, when we contact police, they typically elevate the call’s priority due to the live feed information available, and often respond in time to catch criminals in the act, while they’re still on site.  

If you’re interested in learning more about customizable proactive security solutions that can meet your jobsite needs, contact us for details today!