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How Can I Improve My Construction Security?

Posted by Steve Mansell on Mar 15, 2018

Construction security requires more than just installing a fence around the property. Stolen materials and equipment are major contributors to financial loss at a construction site. Insurance can offset some of the expenses, but it usually doesn’t cover everything. In addition to the costs to replace the stolen goods, waiting on replacements can extend the project time which can be costly.

There are multiple proactive measures that will help protect assets and workers at a construction site. They can be as simple as installing additional lighting or as elaborate as incorporating a video monitoring service.

1) Identify important assets and inventory throughout the construction site.

Make sure a designated person keeps track of all tools, equipment and materials on a regular basis. An updated list will keep you informed as to what you have on your property.

2) Designate someone to establish and maintain construction security initiatives.

This person can increase security awareness among contractors and establish cooperative efforts before and during a project.

3) Keep the site well lit.

Thieves and vandals want to avoid being seen. They often use the cover of night for their criminal activities. If you eliminate this aspect, you can decrease the probability of theft and vandalism.

4) Control points of access.

A construction site can establish one main access point to limit entrances and exits. Designate an area outside of the construction site where visitors and workers can park. This will also make it easier to monitor traffic within a construction site.

5) Have employees and contractors secure sites.

Construction workers should properly store supplies and equipment when not in use. Additionally, if they witness any suspicious activity or see any evidence of vandalism or theft, they should immediately report it.

6) Hire a video monitoring service.

A construction security solution can proactively protect a construction site and its workers. Trained security operators watch multiple areas of a property in-real time. They can even watch harder-to-reach spots such as scaffolding and rooftops. This construction site security solution can be significantly cheaper than a traditional security guard service.