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We Help Police Locate Trespasser in Montréal

Posted by Steve Mansell on Jan 26, 2018

Construction security solutions, can help protect construction sites from vandalism, theft, and property damage. Stealth specializes in replacing or supplementing security guards on construction sites in Canada and the U.S. with high-tech IP video surveillance systems that are viewed in real time by trained operators.

Watch the Video: We Helps Locate Trespasser at Montreal Construction Site

A suspect entered a client’s construction site and walked around the well-lit area. A trained monitoring operator watched the activity and called Montreal Police. The suspect descended a ladder and continued to explore the property. He attempted to open several doors but was unsuccessful. Police arrived. A responding officer shined a flashlight onto the suspect and instructed him to lie down on the ground, before placing him under arrest.

A Safer Alternative for Construction Security Solutions

Security guards are often confronted with difficult or dangerous situations. Oftentimes in criminal acts, the circumstances may become too dangerous for an on-site security guard who may not be trained or equipped to handle them. Our construction security solutions operators can remotely assess a situation from one of our monitoring centers and call police from a safe location.

A remote construction security solution could have helped prevent the following incident:

A security guard was on an early morning shift at a site of a new building under construction in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. An intruder jumped the perimeter fence to gain access to the site. While the trespasser distracted the guard, two more suspects approached him from behind and the three men beat him with a metal rod. The suspects fled leaving the guard battered and alone. He managed to call for help and was taken to the hospital where he received between 50 and 100 stitches in his head.

Our construction security solutions are a safer, more cost-effective alternative to on-site security guards. Remote video monitoring is the ability to view on-site security cameras off-site. It provides the fundamental advantages of a security guard and more including, extensive site coverage, cost savings and quicker police response times.