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How Can Video Monitoring Help Prevent Construction Site Accidents?

Posted by Steve Mansell on May 17, 2018

It’s no secret that construction site accidents are common in such a high-risk environment. Workers can face hazards at any given moment. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, one in ten construction workers is injured every year.

What Are the Most Common Types of Construction Site Accidents?


In a previous blog, we discussed fall protection tactics. Workers and trespassers can fall off scaffolding or into trenches.

2) Construction Site Fires

Fires are a real threat on construction sites. They can be easily ignited from a cigarette, an electrical spark or simply from a worker not following protocol. A previous blog discusses ways to help deter construction site fires.

3)Machinery Accidents

Bulldozers, cranes and other heavy equipment can be very dangerous if not handled correctly. Watch what happens to an excavator in this video. Please note, no severe injuries were reported.

Unauthorized Visitors

Construction sites are hazardous enough for workers who know the property. What happens when people who are unfamiliar with it are on your site? There is a surprisingly large number of people who will injure themselves on construction sites, even though they weren’t supposed to be on the property in the first place. Trespassers and vagrants can easily get injured because of holes, uneven ground, or unstable structures.

How can a property manager or developer deter unwanted visitors? Some choose to add perimeter fencing, additional lighting and signage. However, on their own, these are not always effective solutions. Simply putting up a warning sign does not release a construction company from liability.

A better alternative is live video monitoring, a security solution that utilizes surveillance cameras, technology and human intelligence. Trained construction site security operators watch properties in real-time and if they see unauthorized behavior, they can activate an on-site speaker or report it to authorities.

The video below showcases how live video monitoring helped escort a vagrant from a construction site before anything dangerous happened.