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How Can I Prevent Vandalism and Construction Site Damage?

Posted by Steve Mansell on May 10, 2018

Vandals and trespassers can cause significant construction site damage, whether it is intentional or not. Either way, their activity can be costly for construction sites. Because these individuals are unauthorized, they do not have the proper training to operate the machinery and are unaware of potential dangers on the property. Fortunately, a construction site can take proactive measures to deter and help prevent vandalism and damage.

Four Ways to Decrease Construction Site Damage

No Trespassing Signs

No trespassing signs are one of the simplest ways to help decrease trespassing. These signs inform potential vandals and thieves that they can be prosecuted for criminal trespass. Although this may seem like a “quick fix,” signage alone is not always enough to keep determined criminals away.

Fences and Locks

Fences and locks make it difficult for vandals to even enter a property. While these solutions are adequate for deterring some suspects, others may view them as minor obstacles. After all, fences can be climbed over and locks can be broken.

Additional Lighting

Criminals do not want to be seen and often use the cover of night to conduct their activities, leaving construction site damage in their wake, for the workers to deal with in the morning. A construction site should install additional lighting to eliminate potential hiding spots, as well as to help enhance surveillance video quality.

Live Video Monitoring

UCIT’s live video monitoring solution combines technology with human intelligence to protect construction sites from vandalism and property damage. Trained operators watch surveillance cameras in real time. If they see suspicious activity, they can activate an on-site speaker warning or call the local police. Construction sites can be watched 24/7 or during pre-determined times.

Live video monitoring is an effective security solution that can cost up to 60% less than a security guard service.