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Construction Site Fence Hopper Stopped in His Tracks

Posted by Peter Koutsogiannopoulos on Feb 18, 2020

In this video, an individual hopped the fence of a Montreal construction site.

At 4:51 a.m., a Stealth security operator saw an individual jump over the fence surrounding a Montreal construction site. Our operator immediately activated the on-site speaker warning. The suspect ignored the warning and proceeded inside the building. The monitoring operator then contacted police.

Construction sites are prime targets for trespassers. These often-open spaces house valuable equipment and materials that are attractive to thieves.

One of the most common methods contractors use to help secure a site is to install a perimeter fence. However, these alone can’t stop determined individuals.

Officers arrived at the site and intercepted the trespasser. They placed him in handcuffs and escorted him off the property.

Help Protect Your Construction Site with Remote Video Monitoring

Remote video monitoring is a proactive solution to help deter and stop crimes in progress. When security operators see something suspicious, they can activate speaker alarms and call for police dispatch. In addition to deterring crime, our solution includes options including video review, system health check, plus gate and access control.

If you would like more information about out our proactive solution can help reduce theft and trespassing, record site activities and mitigate liability, contact us.