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How Can I Improve Construction Site Management?

Posted by Steve Mansell on Apr 9, 2018

Effective construction site management is crucial to the success and timely completion of a project. Keeping a highly organized progression isn’t always easy, but there are some things you can do to help things stay on track.

Follow and Implement Industry Codes and Guidelines

When construction sites don’t follow industry codes and guidelines, they can experience project setbacks, high fines, and workplace injuries, the latter of which can contribute to liability issues. To ensure rules are being followed, construction site management should designate someone to stay current on all codes and guidelines.

Track All Activity and Inventory

Construction managers face many challenges. Most importantly, they must keep projects running on-time and on-budget. With so many moving parts, sometimes issues can occur, and details can fall through the cracks, which can evolve into large-scale problems in later stages of the timeline.

To help keep things on track, workers and managers should record all activity and changes, including any potential safety hazards. Electronic note taking or daily reporting software can simplify this task.

Communication is Key

There’s no doubt that construction projects can be lengthy. Set up time, breaks, and project delays can all prolong the project timeline. One way to help projects stay on-schedule is through effective communication. It’s important for construction site management, staff, subcontractors and clients to stay in contact about all developments and updates. For example, what if your project is experiencing electrical issues? If someone on your site makes others aware of the situation, the problem can get resolved more quickly with little to no impact on the timeline or budget.

Utilize Technology

The right technology can assist a project in surprising ways. Software can help streamline knowledge sharing and status updates to help teams stay on top of timelines and decrease the probability of project delays. A live video monitoring service can also positively impact construction site management. After team members leave for the night, equipment and supplies are vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Video monitoring operators watch construction sites remotely. If they see unauthorized activity, they can activate an on-site speaker warning. The warning lets the potential criminals know they are being watched. If they remain on the property or if the situation escalates, the video monitoring operators can call local police.

A second benefit to a live video monitoring service is that it can record and store video evidence. Accidents frequently occur at construction sites. As a result, management must make sure reasonable care has been taken to ensure the safety of employees and visitors. What happens if someone tries to serve a false claim against your business? A video surveillance company can pull security video from the incident and prove you took the proper steps to create a safe work environment.

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