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Construction Site Security Camera System Can Help Prevent Crime

Posted by Steve Mansell on Apr 19, 2018

Project managers don’t often think about a construction site security system until they experience a crime. By then, they have already incurred costly losses. If supplies or equipment are stolen, they must be replaced, which could result in project delays and increased insurance premiums. All of which can add expenses to a construction budget.

Theft isn’t the only concern for project managers. Injuries are prevalent on construction sites and not just with the workers. Trespassers can also injure themselves and in some cases, the construction company will be held accountable. How can you help prevent undesirable activity at your construction site? There are a variety of ways to help prevent crimes, including perimeter fencing, proper equipment storage, access control and a construction site security camera system.

Install Fencing and Barricades

A construction site can be a dangerous place, especially for someone who isn’t supposed to be there. With heavy equipment, holes in the ground and cranes overhead, there are many obstacles in place. A fence serves as a physical deterrent to keep unwanted visitors out. On a smaller scale, a barricade can be a physical deterrent that should be placed around excavation areas, pits or edges when they are not being used.

Remove and Immobilize Equipment When Not in Use

Some construction site trespassers are thrill seekers and explorers. As a result, they may attempt to walk around and climb into potentially dangerous areas. Some trespassers may even try to operate the equipment on site which may put them or others in danger.

To help avoid a potential liability issue, it’s important for construction sites to remove or immobilize equipment when it’s not in use. This involves taking down ladders from scaffolds or excavation areas and removing keys or power sources from construction equipment.

How Can a Construction Site Security Camera System Help Prevent Crime?

UCIT video monitoring operators watch client properties via strategically-placed, weatherproof surveillance cameras. Our operators are trained to look for suspicious or unauthorized activity. They can proactively deter trespassers with a speaker warning, letting the suspects know they are being watched. If necessary, the operators can contact an on-site security guard or local police. For added assistance, operators can update responding personnel with real-time information about the suspects’ location and identifying features.

Some clients also utilize gate and guest access capabilities.

Access Control

Keeping tight control on who enters and exits your construction site will help protect your valuable assets. Utilizing IP video surveillance cameras and access control systems, UCIT operators can allow people in and out of your property. How does it work? Let’s take a delivery truck for example. The driver must stop at the access gate to check in with a remotely-located UCIT operator via surveillance cameras and microphones. The driver shows his ID and other relevant information to the camera, so the construction site security camera system operator can verify the guest’s credentials. Once inside the property, cameras follow the truck to and from its destination. Click the video below to see the access control capabilities in action.

Help keep your construction site free from crime by installing fencing/barricades, immobilizing/removing equipment when not in use and utilizing a proactively watched construction site security camera system. Click hereto learn more about how a UCIT surveillance camera system can benefit your construction site.