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Do I Need Construction Site Security Cameras?

Posted by Steve Mansell on Jun 21, 2018

As a property manager or site manager, you may ask yourself if you need construction site security cameras. Before you answer, consider this: between $300 million and $1 billion of construction equipment is stolen each year. Stolen goods must be replaced, which only increases operational spending and extends the project time while waiting for replacement goods. A contractor’s ability to deter vandalism and theft can sometimes mean the difference between making a profit and taking a loss.

Many construction companies opt for a security guard to watch over their site, however, this isn’t always the best solution. They can become expensive liabilities. Guards cannot cover multiple areas at the same time and hiring a team of guards can be cost-prohibitive. As a result, they may miss criminal or suspicious activity. Additionally, a security guard may unnecessarily escalate a situation. In a previous article, we discussed a situation in which a security guard was charged with manslaughter for attacking and robbing a man at a property he was hired to protect. Because there are no federal training standards for armed guards, they may not be properly equipped to handle a heightened situation.

Trespassers are another big concern on construction sites and can become liability risks. Each year, there are several injuries and even deaths to trespassers on building sites. Like it or not, the construction company often finds itself facing charges. Without video evidence, these cases can be hard to prove.

A remote surveillance system can help deter theft and unwanted traffic from a construction site. Trained operators watch security cameras in real time. If they see suspicious activity, they can activate a speaker to let the suspects know they are being watched and, if necessary, call local authorities. To help protect the safety of workers, Stealth’s construction site security solution can be customized to include access control capabilities. Visitors and workers can communicate with one of our video surveillance operators and present proper credentials before being granted access. You can see how our access control service works in the video below.


Construction site security cameras are a smart investment for safety and operational reasons by protecting equipment as well as workers. Remote video surveillance offers many advantages over security guards, including extensive site coverage and cost savings.

To learn more about construction site security cameras and how video surveillance can benefit your project sites, contact us.