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Construction Site Surveillance System Helps Save Life and Limit Property Liability

Posted by Steve Mansell on Oct 16, 2017

A construction site surveillance system can help deter or prevent criminal activity on your property. In some cases, it could save a life and limit property liability.

In a recent case, trained construction site monitoring operators watched a Montreal client site and were able to help save a life. At 4:00 a.m., the operator saw an unauthorized woman enter the property. The security operator called the Montreal Police. Responding police found the woman on top of a building on the construction site. According to the police report, the woman said she was going to commit suicide. One of the Montreal police officers took the woman to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

This client’s construction site surveillance system was able to help save this woman’s life while limiting the client’s liability. Construction site managers and property developers should assess and address property liability issues because of legal and financial risks. Accidents and other incidents at a construction site can result in lawsuits and financial losses due to legal settlements, work stoppage, and fines.

What is Property Liability?

Property liability refers to an owner’s responsibility if a person is injured on a property because of unsafe or defective conditions. In such incidents, property managers and owners need to prove that they were not negligent and provided reasonable care with their commercial/residential property or construction site.

Property developers and managers should create a site that won’t cause harm or injury to workers or other people on the property. If the risky property factors are unable to be eliminated, the property management company should block access to them.

Can Construction Site Surveillance Protect Against Property Liability?

Inadequate security at commercial and construction sites can be a factor in property liability cases if someone is hurt on the premises. Unauthorized visitors may be able to successfully file a claim against the development company. They can walk onto a property and cause damage or harm to themselves or other people. Construction site surveillance can warn trespassers and call authorities before they cause damage or put themselves in danger.

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