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Construction Site Trespasser Arrested

Posted by Amy Hite on Jul 31, 2017

A construction site trespasser could create a variety of problems. He could potentially vandalize or steal construction equipment, construction supplies, and tools. In some cases a trespasser could cause harm to construction workers or himself.

Construction Site Trespasser Climbs Crane – Arrest Video


A construction site trespasser climbs the security fence. A Stealth Monitoring construction site security operator follows his activity throughout the property with multiple outdoor surveillance cameras.

The suspect climbs over a red storage container. Stealth Monitoring calls the local police. The trespasser climbs a yellow crane.

Stealth Monitoring updates the local police about the trespasser’s movements and location. Local police arrive at the Stealth client’s location. The responding officers find the suspect.

The construction site trespasser is placed under arrest at about 5:30pm. The police are able to arrest the suspect before he caused any damage to himself or the the property.

This problem occurs all over the United States. One construction site trespasser case happened in Houston, Texas.

Two people were seen walking into a residential site under construction. Houston Police were called. They arrived at the construction site and surrounded the construction site.

One trespasser jumped through a third story window and landed hard on the ground. He was taken to a local hospital. A female trespasser was also taken into custody.

The suspects were both charged with trespassing. Houston Police said that additional charges could be filed.

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