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Construction Theft: Trespasser Almost Escapes with Toolbox

Posted by Sudesh Jangalee on May 28, 2021

Thanks to the global pandemic, the price of many building materials has skyrocketed. This includes lumber, plumbing fixtures, paint and even hardware. With the rising price of these items, suppliers have had to raise their costs, which in turn is causing more theft.

In this video, a trespasser almost got away with a new set of tools.

An individual approached the perimeter fence of a Vancouver construction site after hours. The suspect opened a gate and entered the jobsite. One of our Stealth Monitoring security operators called to dispatch local police. After searching the site, the trespasser could be seen exiting the property with a toolbox in hand. However, officers arrived at that moment to stop him. They placed him inside the police car and drove him away.

Just How Bad is Construction Theft?

In a four-month time span, at least seven sites on the west side of Vancouver were targeted. In one instance, more than $10,000 of plywood was stolen.

Vancouver Police Sergeant Steve Addison commented, “As lumber prices have continued to rise, VPD has seen a significant increase in break and enters to construction sites this year. In many cases, the thieves have made off with thousands of dollars in plywood and other building materials. We’re encouraging site managers to take precautions to avoid future thefts.”

How to Help Protect Your Valuable Assets

You can help make sure your jobsite and the assets on it are well protected with remote video surveillance. Using analytics-based cameras, trained security operators monitor your site for suspicious activity. If something is detected, such as a trespasser entering late at night, the monitoring operator can take the appropriate action. In this video, that meant calling to dispatch police, who arrived while the suspect was still in the area.

This is often the case because police know we are watching crimes in progress, so they tend to elevate the priority level of the call. This helps facilitate arrests, deter damage and mitigate liability.

If you would like more information about a proactive security solution that can help you save money on your security expenses, contact us.