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Construction Trespasser Arrested after Breaking into Locked Office

Posted by Steve Mansell on Nov 19, 2021

Construction sites can be a very hard lure to pass up. These properties house valuable items, such as tools, lumber, copper and other supplies. Some have an on-site office and storage buildings that can be intriguing to perpetrators who are curious as to what is inside.

One night on a busy street, a Stealth Monitoring security operator saw an individual with a black hoodie walking along the perimeter fence of an active construction site. The person reached up and grabbed the top of the fence, and then sat on a nearby concrete blockade for a few minutes while others passed.

The individual stood up, crossed the street opposite the site and then came back, using the concrete blockade as a step to propel himself over the fence. Our trained operator contacted local police and continued to watch as the trespasser walked throughout the site.

The individual finally arrived at the on-site office building and attempted to pry open a door. Noticing the video surveillance camera, the trespasser pushed it upward, but our quick-thinking operator switched to a different camera with a similar view.

The trespasser continued to attempt to break into the office by manipulating windows and eventually gained access. The perpetrator came back out and continued to manipulate other windows. Police arrived on-scene as the trespasser had just broken through a second window.

Officers handcuffed the trespasser and led the individual off site and into a police cruiser.

Sometimes Multiple Cameras Are Better Than One

Stealth Monitoring understands the various security- and safety-related risks on construction sites. Our team are experts at strategically placing video surveillance cameras to capture activity, not just motion, on sites. Stealth’s advanced video analytics pre-programmed onto video surveillance cameras, and human intelligence – our trained security operators – collectively work together to help deter unwanted activities.

Stealth’s analytics interact with video camera technology. It’s through this interaction that video streams are filtered, and certain activities detected. No human interaction is involved or needed. However, when the technology recognizes an activity that is beyond its scope, it alerts a highly trained, professional Stealth Monitoring operator who analyzes and determines next steps to take to deter the activity.

Every construction site is designed and arranged differently. Placement of video surveillance cameras on your construction site is essential to capturing activities. In the above video, the trespasser was able to manipulate one of the cameras on the site, distorting the operator’s view and the data being recorded. However, another camera was placed out of reach from a different angle but that interacted with the same area as the camera that was manipulated. The operator was able to keep watch on the trespasser until police arrived and arrested the individual. Also, data of the activity was recorded and archived for future use, if needed.

Contact us to discuss your uniquely arranged construction site and how Stealth’s remote video surveillance security solution can cover your site 24/7/365, typically at a price point of 25-60% less than traditional security solutions.