Construction Trespasser Arrested after Crawling Through Fence to Steal Materials

Posted by Paul Gross on February 18, 2022

In this month’s Construction Arrest of the Month Video, a trespasser squeezed under a construction site’s perimeter fence. However, this site had Stealth’s remote video monitoring security solution deployed to help avert unwanted events.

A trained Stealth Monitoring security operator saw a person near the perimeter fence of an active construction site. Our operator contacted police as the individual tampered and manipulated the fence, eventually gaining unauthorized entry into the site.

The suspect walked throughout the site. Our operator followed the individual via strategically placed video surveillance cameras. Our operator noticed and updated police that the suspect had put on a reflective jacket and was possibly stealing from the site.

A police cruiser arrived on site. An officer exited the vehicle and entered the site. Other officers arrived to assist. Officers found, handcuffed and arrested the trespasser.

Increased Construction Site Theft Needs Remote Video Monitoring

Construction sites have been sitting idle longer than normally expected due to the pandemic; expensive costs of building materials, especially lumber; and supply chain and permit backlogs. What’s more, construction sites are filled with high-value items, some that are easy to steal and resell for quick money. Sites are usually unmanned at night and protected only by temporary perimeter fencing that can be manipulated to gain unauthorized access. No wonder construction sites are a favorite target for thieves.

It’s no longer a question of “if” but “when” your active construction site will experience some type of theft or attempted theft. Stealth’s proactive, remote video monitoring security solution can see and help deter thieves before you suffer loss or damage. Our goal is to help deter crime before it happens.

To achieve this, our advanced video analytics are pre-programmed onto high-definition video cameras. Our construction security experts help decide the number of cameras and where to place them throughout your construction site to best capture potential unwanted events and crime. Our technology constantly filters through live video streams. When it “sees” a certain activity that needs human help, it alerts a highly qualified Stealth Monitoring security operator who analyzes the event in real time and determines proper next steps to help stop it.

In this video, as soon as our technology “saw” an individual near the construction site after hours, it alerted one of our operators who was able to watch the trespasser in real time. Our operator decided contacting police was best, which resulted in the trespasser being arrested and potential theft deflected.

Contact our experienced construction site specialists to discuss the uptick in construction site theft and how Stealth can help keep your site protected against thieves, trespassers, vandals and the like.

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