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Construction Trespasser Arrested for Trying to Steal Building Materials

Posted by Sidney Sommer on May 20, 2022

Any theft at your construction site will cost you money. You will pay to replace the stolen items. Your project could be delayed, which will cost you. You could even see your insurance premiums go up. The materials on your site are valuable, even more so now because of a shortage of supplies and rising costs. Construction site security is crucial to help protect your budget and timelines.

An individual was seen on a snow-covered construction site walking from one unfinished unit to another. One of our trained Stealth Monitoring security operators saw the suspect exit the unit carrying several unidentified items in his hands. He then returned to another unfinished unit where he remained out of camera view.

Our monitoring operator called to dispatch local police and informed them of the intruder’s location. Officers arrived minutes later and parked their cruiser in front of the unit where the suspect was last seen. That one police cruiser was followed by three others. The officers entered, searched the unit and found the trespasser, whom they promptly arrested and escorted from the jobsite.

Help Secure Your Assets with Real-Time Monitoring

Construction site theft has surged in the past couple of years. Many jobsites lack adequate security, much less a solution that can help deter loss and damage before it happens.

Remote video monitoring takes a proactive approach to security. With the help of analytics-based surveillance cameras, trained monitoring operator watch for suspicious activity in real-time, to catch things while they are happening. If they do see something, they can act quickly to help diffuse the situation. This could mean warning intruders through on-site speakers that they are being watched. If necessary, monitoring operators can call local authorities.

As you saw in the video, that’s precisely what was done. And officers were on the site quickly to make an arrest, thus preventing damage and loss of materials.

If you’re interested in learning more about a proactive security solution for your business, contact us.