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Construction Trespasser Arrested in New Housing Development

Posted by Sidney Sommer on Jun 28, 2022

Construction sites have a myriad of materials and equipment often lying around in the open. These become virtual calling cards for opportunistic thieves. Any time a jobsite suffers loss from stolen materials or damage to the project, costly ramifications could ensue.

A little before midnight, a Stealth Monitoring security operator saw a suspicious individual checking out multiple housing units under construction. The suspect picked up a spool of wire and placed it inside his jacket. Our monitoring professional activated the on-site speaker to warn the trespasser he was being watched. However, the warning was ignored. That’s when our operator called local police.

Responding officers were at the construction site moments later. After a thorough search of the jobsite, they found the suspect and placed him under arrest.

How to Minimize Your Risk of Theft and Damage

It may be easy to dismiss the thought that heavy equipment, tools and materials which can’t be easily moved aren’t at risk for theft. However, to a desperate thief, everything has value. So, when a criminal sees any opportunity to steal, they will find a way to do it. Our job is to help you make that difficult, if not impossible.

Remote video monitoring is a proactive security solution that can help deter crime before it happens. Trained security professionals monitor analytics-based surveillance cameras in real time to help catch activity in progress. When something suspicious is picked up, such as someone trespassing on a construction site late at night, a monitoring operator can take immediate action.

In the video above, our operator activated a speaker warning to alert the intruder he was being watched and called local authorities. Because police know we are watching live crimes, they typically elevate the priority level of the call and send officers immediately. This helps facilitate arrests while the suspects are still there, as was the case in the video.

No contractor wants to delay a project because something was damaged or stolen. Remote video surveillance can help deter unwanted activity to keep projects on time and budget.

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