Construction Trespasser Tampers with Truck

Posted by Ryan Cox on September 3, 2021

Construction sites have a variety of valuable items that appeal to and tempt trespassers and thieves to breach barriers and steal. Semi-trucks and trailers are valuable equipment that are often present on sites. Materials stored inside the trailer, such as lumber, and parts of the truck, such as catalytic converters, are very valuable and render high dollars when stolen and sold.

An individual with a backpack walked into camera view from within a building under construction on an active site during the early evening hours. Using a variety of installed high-definition cameras with the ability to pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), our trained Stealth security operator kept watch on the individual as he walked through the site toward a parked truck and trailer.

The individual crawled under the truck and appeared to tamper with it. The trespasser then walked into a construction pit and remained out of view. Our operator contacted local police.

A group of officers promptly arrived on site and descended into the pit, retrieving the trespasser. He was handcuffed, escorted off site and placed inside a police cruiser.

Video Analytics and Human Intelligence Create Customized Security Solution

The topography of construction sites is unique and constantly changing based on which projects are in progress and which projects have been completed. The construction site in the video above had a plethora of challenges – unfinished buildings; lumber, valuable equipment and debris lying around; a parked truck and trailer; a dug-out construction pit and more. This can make it difficult to secure and keep trespassers, thieves and others out.

Here at Stealth Monitoring, we customize our video surveillance monitoring solutions to each unique construction site. Our construction security experts will help you determine the correct number of video cameras for your site, where to place each camera for the be a vantage point, and how to utilize real-time monitoring to view multiple parts of your site at once. Our monitoring specialists watch for unwanted behavior – for up to 60% less than the cost of traditional security measures.

In the above situation, high-definition cameras, pre-programmed with video analytics, were strategically placed on the construction site. This technology constantly filters video streams, so when it noticed an individual exit an under-construction building and begin to walk around the active construction site, the technology alerted one of our highly qualified Stealth Monitoring operators who took over. The operator was able to watch the whole situation as it happened and contact police. Our operator also saved responding officers time by providing information of the last known location of the suspect – in this case, the construction pit – and stop potential theft and destruction.

Contact us to discuss how our customized solutions help you maintain a secure construction site by using technology and human intelligence while saving from 25% to 60% on your security costs.

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