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Construction Trespasser Tries Outfit Switch to Avoid Arrest, Fails

Posted by Paul Gross on Nov 29, 2022

Criminals can get creative when it comes to ways to escape detection. Unfortunately for this construction site trespasser, a costume change wasn’t enough to outsmart our surveillance cameras.

In the broad daylight of 11:05 a.m., a trained Stealth security operator took notice of an individual trespassing on a Seattle-area apartment community still being built. The subject could be clearly seen squeezing into the fencing surrounding the jobsite, wearing a dark hoodie jacket and pants, and carrying a backpack.

Audible alarms were immediately sounded multiple times as the security operator reached out to local law enforcement and provided them with the details of the trespass in progress. As security staff continued to observe, the trespasser entered a portable toilet and changed their clothing in an effort to evade capture by officers who were arriving on site. Police dispatch was provided with this information immediately, however and officers quickly arrested the individual despite his quick-change attempt.

Help Reduce Unwanted Activity on Your Jobsites with Proactive Security

Construction sites are the unfortunate targets of a broad range of criminal activities and liabilities. This is due in large part to their evolving nature. A single jobsite will change many times throughout their timeline, with shifts in materials onsite, perimeters, entrances and exits, and so on. This is part of what makes securing a construction site so challenging.

Proactive security measures go above and beyond traditional security solutions like perimeter fencing and security guards. Stealth’s remote video monitoring allows for a more comprehensive view of a construction site that can be adjusted as the site changes.

Using a combination of analytics-based surveillance cameras and trained security professionals monitoring the incoming feeds, Stealth can help protect your site from unwanted activity like trespassing, theft, vandalism, loitering, and more.

Just as in the video above, when our operators spot something or someone suspicious, they can quickly follow site protocols and get local authorities involved when needed. Officers typically arrive on site in

time to catch intruders before they cause damages that can cost your job precious time, materials, or liability. Ready to learn more about our customizable and cost-effective security solutions? Contact us today to schedule a consultation or for additional details.