Construction Trespassing and Liability Protection

Posted by Sudesh Jangalee on September 9, 2021

Construction sites seem to be so enticing to some trespassers. There isn’t much that can keep determined intruders off a site. From using an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) to attempt theft to hijacking and joyriding in a heavy piece of machinery, this video shows that dangers abound within construction sites for unwanted visitors. Some trespassers have even been able to prove negligence and sue the contractor. However, remote video surveillance and monitoring can help protect against liabilities.

ATV Driver Trying to Steal a Spool of Wire Potentially Injured Himself

Just after midnight, a trained Stealth Monitoring security operator noticed a trespasser driving an ATV on a construction site. The trespasser stopped beside a spool of wire, dismounted the ATV and unrolled a portion of the wire. The individual connected it to the ATV and attempted to drive off, but the spool was not secure.

Our monitoring operator contacted local police.

The driver made several attempts to re-connect the spool to the ATV. He managed to drive and drag the spool of wire behind the vehicle a little distance at a time across the construction site.

Two police officers arrived on foot and confronted the trespasser with flashlights glaring. The trespasser ran and a chase ensued. The officers caught the suspect and handcuffed him. A third officer appeared on the scene and helped escort the suspect off site, placing him under arrest.

Trespasser Hijacked Piece of Construction Site Equipment

A few minutes before 3 o’clock in the morning, one of our keen-eyed security operators spotted an individual gain access to a construction site. He managed to start a piece of heavy machinery and maneuvered it around the site.

After joyriding for a few minutes, the trespasser stopped in front of a unit under construction and used the machine to cause damage.

Our operator contacted the regional police and continued to watch the situation. Three police cruisers arrived within minutes. Officers intercepted and arrested the suspect.

Unwanted Visitor Slipped and Fell Off a Ladder

A trained Stealth security operator saw two individuals on a construction site around 4:00 in the morning. One of the individuals moved a panel of chain link perimeter fencing and the two gained entry. The pair appeared to steal property from the site.

Our operator activated the on-site speaker warning. The trespassers seemed to ignore it, so our operator contacted police.

One of the trespassers walked around the site seeming to snoop around for more items to steal. (Apparently, the other trespasser left the scene.) This individual then climbed an on-site ladder. The individual lost his footing and fell to the ground, writhing and rolling around on the ground seemingly in pain.

A firetruck, ambulance and police cruisers arrived. The perpetrator stood up and walked toward the officials’ vehicles. Officers intercepted the suspect, and placed him under arrest.

Drunk Trespassers Arrested After Scaling a Crane

The sharp eye of a Stealth Monitoring security operator caught two intoxicated trespassers attempting to ascend a crane on a construction site shortly after 2 a.m. Our operator immediately activated the on-site speaker warning. The individuals descended the crane and walked away from the site.

Our proactive operator followed up by contacting police. Officers soon arrived and investigated the scene and property. A follow-up call revealed the suspects had been caught and apprehended.

Remote Video Surveillance and Monitoring is the Answer Against Potential Liabilities

Remote video surveillance and monitoring can help you deter and potentially avoid construction site liabilities for trespassers, thieves and other perpetrators who breach your site without invitation. With Stealth’s proactive, customized security solution for your construction site, risk can be managed, and liabilities lessened with the use of video analytics and human intelligence.

Video analytics, which are imbedded into our cameras prior to installation on your site, can interpret movements taking place on your site and alert our specifically trained security operators of potential suspicious activity. At this juncture, our operators monitor the situation and can take immediate action based on pre-determined client protocols. Actions can include activating an on-site speaker warning and calling local police.

Included in Stealth’s proactive security solution that is particularly valuable for construction liability issues is system health checks to ensure equipment is up and running correctly, as well as video review and analysis. Should an incident come into question, our team of analysts will comb through hours of your recorded video feed. They will edit the activity in question into a condensed clip, written summary and present you with the video and a written summary. These can be given to your insurance company, lawyers and other professionals to help protect you and your construction site from potential litigation.

Contact us to discuss how we can save you up to 60% on your security spend and help deter potential liability situations.

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