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Construction Trespassing and Thefts Lead to Arrests

Posted by Paul Gross on Jul 1, 2022

Because of the expensive equipment, materials and tools that are left unattended on a nightly basis, construction sites are appealing targets for criminals. While perimeter fencing and appropriate lighting are important to help deter uninvited guests, as you will see in the following videos, they aren’t always enough to keep out determined thieves.


Materials Thieves Arrested

Two people were seen jumping over the perimeter fence of a jobsite. They proceeded to enter and exit several of the buildings under construction. They gathered several items and left. Our monitoring operator called police who arrived to search the site. Later that same night, one of the intruders returned, followed by to other people. They loaded several items into wheeled cart. Our operator again called police and gave them information about the trespassers’ whereabouts. When officers arrived this time, they were able to intercept one of the suspects.

Trespasser Makes a Pit Stop

Just before 1:00 a.m., one of our monitoring operators spotted a suspicious person trespassing on a construction site. The suspect went inside the portable toilet. Our operator activated the on-site speaker warning, but there was no response from the intruder. Our operator then called to dispatch local police and told them where the suspect was located. Officers arrived minutes later, made contact with the individual and placed him under arrest. Police later informed us this suspect was potentially involved in an assault that occurred earlier in the year.

K9 Unit Arrives to Make an Arrest

Around 3:00 one morning, we noticed an individual clad in all black clothing running on a construction site. Our monitoring operator activated the on-site speaker warning and called police. Our operator continued to monitor the trespasser’s activity, which included a trip to the portable toilet. A responding K9 unit arrived and went to the spot where our operator had directed them. The suspect exited the portable toilet and was promptly arrested.

Help Protect Your Jobsite with a Proactive Security Solution

Because no two construction sites are exactly the same, they each require unique security plans. These days that is more important than ever as crimes on construction sites continue to rise and thieves are becoming more brazen.

Remote video monitoring uses solutions-driven technology to help deter unwanted activity in real time. Trained security professionals monitor analytics-based cameras to watch for trespassers, vandals and other suspicious behavior. They can quickly evaluate a situation and act appropriately. This could mean activating warning speakers, calling to dispatch police, as well as contacting the appropriate team to respond to the criminal activity.

In each of the scenarios above, our monitoring operators quickly acted to help deter damage and loss. Because we have video verification of a crime in progress, police tend to elevate the priority level of our calls. This often results in their arrival while the suspects are still there. As a result, we facilitate more arrests and help project timelines and budgets stay on track.

If you would like more information about remote video monitoring for your business, contact us.