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Construction Vandals Caught in the Act

Posted by Jimmy Sethna on Nov 11, 2022

Construction jobsites have a range of risks to consider in order to keep both the jobsite itself and anyone who happens to wander onsite- welcome or unwelcome- safe and secure.

In this Arrest of the Month video, two vandals think they’ll get away with some impromptu spray-tagging on a construction site’s barrier fence, but Stealth was watching.

Just before 11:00 pm, Stealth security professionals spotted an individual vandalizing the fence of an Austin, Texas construction site. The observing operator immediately reached out to local law enforcement with details of the location and description of the individual. Minutes later, a second suspect appeared on camera and added to the vandalism. Our security operator continued to observe as police arrived on scene and captured at least one of the vandals, who reportedly had several cannisters in their possession.

Proactive Remote Video Monitoring Can Help Prevent and Deter Vandalism and Other Criminal Activity

When liabilities abound, remote video monitoring can mean the difference between keeping a project and budget on point, or weeks of setbacks.

Criminals seek out opportunity wherever they can. Rather than wait for them to find your construction jobsite, making use of proactive security solutions like remote video monitoring can help.

Our innovative combination of both industry-leading technology and human intelligence uses advanced analytics and trained security professionals to monitor and respond to security concerns in real time.

Just as in the example you’ve just seen, law enforcement typically responds more quickly to calls with detailed up-to-the-minute information, and an arrest is more easily facilitated when we have access to live feeds of activity on the scene.

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