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Copper Theft at Shopping Center and Industrial Complexes

Posted by Amy Hite on Mar 1, 2015

Scrap yards are paying high prices for copper these days, which is why copper theft is on the rise. One of the areas frequently targeted by copper thieves is shopping centers and industrial complexes, as these buildings contain a great deal of copper that is also very easy to access. Having copper stolen from your building could leave your tenants without electricity or water, and can result in significant repairs to your structure. These tips will help you avoid becoming a victim.

#1. Ensure your grounds are well lit

Many times, air conditioning units become an easy target for thieves because they are in a dark, out-of-the way location where they can work undetected. By keeping your grounds well lit, you’ll deter would-be criminals by increasing the odds they’ll be noticed.

#2. Make access difficult

You’re less likely to experience copper theft if access to your facility is monitored during off hours. If feasible, install a security gate and fencing around your industrial park. This makes the copper itself more difficult to access during closed hours. Build a cage for your outdoor air conditioning units with chain link fencing, and close off access to crawl spaces to ensure thieves cannot get to them easily.

#3. Raise awareness among your tenants and personnel

Let your tenants know about the dangers of copper theft, and ask them to be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. Ask them to call police immediately if they notice anyone suspicious on the grounds, especially if they are in areas of the property where shoppers or personnel would not normally be.

#4. Secure your property with live video monitoring

Criminals tend to avoid areas where video cameras are present and publicized. But cameras alone aren’t enough. Recorded video is only useful after a crime, damage, or vandalism has happened. Trained operators monitor your shopping center, drug stores, or industrial park after your staff has gone home or center is closed. These operators can activate speaker warnings or call police when they see unauthorized activity like copper theft at an industrial park or drug stores. To find out more, contact Stealth Monitoring.