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Couple Caught on Cameras Trespassing on Construction Site

Posted by Marcos Pachalian on Dec 9, 2022

Construction jobsites and trespassing concerns seem to go hand in hand- so how can construction managers and jobsite supervisors help keep their expensive equipment, materials, and dangerous half-built projects safe from wandering passersby and criminals alike? 

See what happened in this Arrest of the Month video when two individuals trespassing on a California construction site were caught on cameras. 

A few minutes before 10:00 p.m., Stealth security operators noticed two individuals trespassing on a California construction site and immediately activated talkdown alarms. The two trespassers were unmoved by the alarms and continued to wander the site. Local police dispatch was then contacted and given details of the ongoing incident, including one of the individuals grabbing a bag from the site. A few short minutes later, police arrived on scene and successfully located and arrested both trespassers.

Help Reduce and Deter Trespassing on Your Jobsite with Remote Video Monitoring 

Layers of security solutions are needed to safeguard a construction site, and while gates and barriers- along with posted signs- may stop some would-be trespassers, additional security measures can help prevent and deter more than those measures alone. 

Remote video monitoring is a proactive security solution that can help prevent and disperse unwanted or criminal activity as it happens, using a combination of cutting-edge technology like analytics-based cameras and the human intelligence of trained security professionals to watch for suspicious activity in real time.  

Best of all, remote video monitoring is customizable and designed to work with your changing construction jobsite, adjustable throughout the process to focus on your specific areas of concern. As you saw in this month’s featured arrest, law enforcement and police dispatch typically prioritize our calls thanks to the ability to provide real-time video confirmation of activity in progress, and officers often arrive before criminals have left the property. 

Learn more about our solutions and how they can be put to work for your construction business by contacting us today for details.