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Disaster Averted! Live Video Leads to Arrest for Fire at Self-Storage Facility

Posted by Shawna Ivy on Apr 18, 2023

Self-storage units and facilities rely heavily on safety and security to appeal to potential and existing clients. Facility owners and managers prioritize effective security solutions in order to protect both the business and the property of clients who choose their business as the location to store their valuables, antiques, heirlooms, inventory, and more. Theft and burglary present one major security issue– but they aren’t the only safety concerns.  

Watch what happened when someone decided to start a fire just outside a unit at a Mississippi self-storage facility. 

At approximately 12:00 a.m., alert Stealth Monitoring security professionals observing a Mississippi self-storage facility spotted an individual accessing what appeared to be their unit, then setting up a fire steps away from the unit doors. Observing operators immediately contacted local law enforcement dispatch, and officers responded to the property quickly. Officers were observed taking the individual into custody before leaving the area. 

Help Deter Unwanted Activity at Your Property with Live Video Monitoring 

As seen clearly in the above video, fast responses to potential threats can be vital in security incident outcomes. Thanks to the alert security operators and the fast response of local police, disaster was averted, and the massive damages that could have occurred were avoided.  

Stealth’s proactive live video monitoring solution utilizes a combination of high-definition cameras loaded with advanced video analytics that filer activities from simple movement, and trained security professionals that monitor surveillance feeds in real time. This combination of technology and human intelligence allows for faster response times and fewer false alarm calls.  

When one of our security operators spots something, or someone, out of place, they can assess the in-progress activity and act to deter them, immediately, as it’s happening. 

Additionally, our solution is typically 25-60% more cost-effective than traditional security measures, like guards or security patrols. Interested in learning more? Contact a self-storage security expert and request a free quote here now! 

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