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Live Video Monitoring Catches Security Guard Asleep on the Job

In the video above, our Stealth security professionals spotted the onsite guard hired by one of our clients getting more than just a little comfortable while they were supposed to be at work.

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Flood Safety and Security for Commercial Properties

It isn’t your imagination. The U.S. has been experiencing an increase in flooding events in recent years. The summer of 2022 was especially bad. In…

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Why and How to Do a New Security Risk Assessment

Business risks are complex and continue to evolve with no end in sight. Think of it as a journey rather than a destination. Have you…

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How Human Intelligence and Video Analytics Level up Security

A basic video surveillance system simply captures what the security cameras see. Without any intelligence — artificial or human— these surveillance systems aren’t useful in…

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How Video Surveillance Can Help with Security Guard Shortages

One of the side effects of the crisis is the staffing shortage. This includes security guard shortages. Yes, even more than two years after the…

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