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Distribution Center Security — Warehouse Faced Repeat Thefts

Posted by Sean Murphy on Oct 3, 2017

Distribution & LogisticsAn industrial site’s distribution center security solution was not enough to stop a crime in progress. According to the outdoor surveillance video, thieves stole an estimated $20,000 worth of tires from trucks. The criminal activity occurred in the middle of the night in the industrial area of Jersey City, New Jersey.

The distribution center security video showed the suspects breaking into the property by cutting a hole through a fence. Early the next morning, the industrial property’s employees found their truck tires replaced by cinder blocks. They reported the crime to local authorities. Neither a security guard service nor a live video monitoring service was reported in the article. This distribution center is rented by a third-party logistics company.

Their distribution center security solution proved to be ineffective a second time, two months later. The logistics center owner arrived on the property early one Monday morning. It appeared that thieves stole truck tires before office hours. More than $8,000 worth of tires was stolen. The tires were replaced with cinder blocks. The owner said that two of his trucks had the locks and ignition popped by an outside method.

In this tire theft incident the fence had two holes cut into it. It appeared that one of the holes was knocked out by a vehicle. The distribution center security cameras were unable to stop or deter the tire theft. They were not watched. Outdoor surveillance cameras were only able to provide security video after the tire theft was committed.

Warehouses, distribution centers, and logistics hubs can benefit from a customized security solution. Trained outdoor security operators can watch truck fleets, inventory, and other assets via HD surveillance cameras. If they see an unauthorized person on the property, security operators can activate an on-site speaker to deter the criminal activity. If the situation escalates, the distribution center security operators can notify an on-site security guard, the local police, or paramedics.

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