Is Dumpster Diving a Problem at Construction Sites?

Posted by Steve Mansell on July 26, 2018

In the last decade, dumpster diving has emerged as a popular hobby for enthusiasts. Many boast about their finds on forums, in videos and social media posts. To put things into perspective, there are nearly 60,000 subscribers in the dumpster diving subreddit. These foragers usually target shopping centers, but construction site dumpsters are also very appealing for their contents which may contain discarded building materials like wood, fixtures and windows.

Our security operators noticed a dumpster diver at a Portland, Oregon construction site. They were watching the property in real time via weatherproof surveillance cameras and called Portland Police, who arrived and arrested the suspect before he could leave the property. You can see the cameras in action in the video below.

While dumpster diving isn’t typically regarded as an illegal activity, trespassing, loitering and property damage can be, and are all very common at construction sites. Our security operators helped responding police officers prevent a theft at a gym under construction. The trespasser tried to take materials from the property, but our operator called local authorities before the suspect could get away.

In both these incidents, our operators contacted local authorities who responded within minutes. Live video surveillance serves as proof of a crime in progress, which typically receives a higher priority level by police departments across North America.

Dumpster diving and trespassing may lead to theft or property damage at a construction site. In more severe cases, these activities can endanger construction workers the next day. It’s important to have a proactive construction site security solution to help prevent and deter criminal activity. If you have any questions about dumpster diving prevention or construction site security, contact us here.

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