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Early AM Construction Site Trespasser Caught on Live Surveillance in Ontario

Posted by Arun Mankotia on Aug 25, 2023

Vandalism and theft on construction sites are extremely common issues. From scavengers looking for copper and other metals to thieves searching out supplies that they can resell on the black market, from graffiti artists tagging spots in their neighborhood to curious urban explorers- trespassing on construction sites can cause significant problems for builders and investors when the damages delay a project, or stolen materials must be replaced. 

The risks of catastrophic damage cannot be ignored, whether that comes in the form of liability risks, arson, or even large equipment theft. For a site to be secured, traditional perimeter fencing and strategic lighting are simply not enough. 

Early morning, on an Ontario construction site, Stealth security operators were alerted to suspicious activity, which revealed a trespasser accessing an area on the property. The security staff immediately activated onsite audible warnings to alert the trespasser that they were being watched and to leave the area. Due to the nature of the activity being observed, security operators also contacted local police dispatch at approximately 6:45 a.m. Officers arrived on the jobsite quickly in response to the call, and as a result were able to locate, intercept, and place the suspect into custody.  

Help Deter Trespassers from Your Jobsites with a Proactive Security Solution 

There are a variety of best practices that construction businesses use when securing a jobsite. Perimeter fencing, proper lighting, courtesy patrols, nighttime guards, and so on. Additionally, many businesses have made use of GPS trackers and etching identifiable information on certain assets, like expensive tools and equipment.  

However, as seen above, and in dozens of other videos here on this site alone, these measures are not enough to keep determined thieves, loiterers, and vandals off your jobsite. The number one insurance claim in the construction industry is theft, making it a major concern for the industry. So how can you help protect your bottom line effectively? 

Stealth’s remote video monitoring is a comprehensive, customizable, adjustable, and proactive security solution that allows for the detection of and intervention in suspicious or unwanted activity as it happens, in real time. Rather than attempting to solve a mystery after the fact, as many surveillance systems do, Stealth uses a combination of video analytics and trained security professionals to help deter and disperse criminals before they escape with valuable materials, hurt themselves on your jobsite, vandalize, or cause damage.  

When our analytics-based surveillance alerts to activity, our highly trained security professionals can take immediate action, sounding onsite alarms that let trespassers know they’re being watched, coordinating with onsite security if available, or contacting local law enforcement dispatch to intervene when needed. As seen in the case above, thanks to our ability to provide dispatchers with live, real-time information, our call priority is typically elevated, which leads to faster police response times and better security outcomes. 

Ready to help protect your valuable assets and materials at your jobsites? Contact us today and speak with a construction security specialist for details on how you can save up to 60% on security costs when you work with Stealth.  

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