Early Morning Construction Site Breach Ends in Arrest

Posted by Hugh Wong on April 12, 2022

Materials and equipment theft, trespassing, and damage are all constant threats to construction projects. Not only could the site face losses from the stolen or damaged materials, but also the liability if someone was injured, as well as the time lost while waiting for replacement equipment/materials.

In this video, we caught a person wandering around a vacant site early in the morning. Thanks to the quick action of our monitoring operator, no damage or harm occurred.

Early one morning, an individual was seen by one of Stealth’s trained monitoring operators standing in an opening of a building under construction. The suspect then made his way around the site, stopping under one of our cameras. Our operator contacted the local police and provided them with details about the trespasser.

The suspect could be seen at an open gate, fumbling around in his pockets. Moments later, he walked through the gate and continued towards the street.

Our operator was still monitoring the trespasser’s movements while on the phone with police. Responding officers quickly arrived on the scene and intercepted the individual on the southwest part of the property.

Mitigate Risk on Your Construction Site

As with any vacant property, construction sites are prime targets for criminal activity such as vandalism, fire, theft and trespassing. There are measures that can be taken to help reduce these risks. In addition to a strong perimeter fence and proper lighting, a proactive security solution can be very effective in deterring bad behavior.

Remote video monitoring is quickly becoming an integral part of any construction security plan. Trained security professionals can view sites remotely from a centralized monitoring center. Our cameras, which are equipped with video analytics, can be viewed after hours, on weekends and holidays to view and record site activity.

Unlike traditional guards who are limited to seeing only what is available in front of them, video monitoring fully enables operators to view multiple key areas of a construction site at once and without being intimidated.

If the analytics in the cameras pick up suspicious activity, it will alert a monitoring operator who can quickly jump in and take action. In this video, our operator contacted police immediately upon seeing the intruder and then kept watch on him as he made his way around the site.

Another benefit video surveillance can provide is recorded footage from your site. If something should happen, even during the day when the site is active, the cameras can capture it. Then our team of video analytics can review all footage from relevant cameras and provide you, insurance companies and police with the evidence.

If you would like more information about a proactive security solution for your next project, contact us.

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