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Fixed and Thermal Cameras Find Construction Trespasser

Posted by Marcos Pachalian on Jun 16, 2021

Using a combination of thermal imaging and fixed cameras, we are better able to catch unwanted activity.

A Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted an individual entering a California construction site through an opening in the fence. Moments later, the suspect exited the site. Our thermal cameras picked him up again on another side of the property. He jumped the fence to re-enter.

Our operator called to dispatch police and gave them a description of the suspect, including his last known whereabouts. Responding officers arrived and made contact with the trespasser. They had him crawl under the fence line to exit the site, then placed him under arrest.

Increased Reliability and Response Times

Thermal imaging cameras measure the heat that radiates from an object. This enables them to detect objects, and even the smallest movements, that traditional cameras often can’t. When a security operator who is monitoring live surveillance cameras on a construction site can spot activity as soon as it’s detected, even from hundreds of feet away, it allows them to quickly resolve a situation that might otherwise be catastrophic.

Fixed and Thermal Cameras: A Total Solution

Utilizing both thermal imaging and fixed cameras can create a very effective long-range security solution. However, not everyone can deploy both types successfully.

If you want more information about how you can increase threat detection and intruder identification, contact us.