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For the First Time, Construction Technology Shows Signs of Life

Posted by Sudesh Jangalee on Mar 13, 2019

isn’t known for technology advances or innovation. Why would an industry not
explore construction
innovations that could lead to productivity gains and
cost savings?

Entech lists
three reasons for the stagnant construction technology:

  • Over
    half continue using pen and paper for estimation and bids.
  • Construction
    lacks the infrastructure to integrate mobile and desktop tech.
  • The
    industry relies on spreadsheets for project management.

technology is showing signs of life as the industry realizes it can make a
positive impact on the bottom line, efficiency, and productivity.

to “Construction
is falling behind in the innovation race
” both the older and
younger generations struggle to work together because of the divide in
technology or rather the lack of it. With the wave of Baby Boomers retiring in
the next few years, the industry expects to see younger, technology-savvy
generations entering construction taking their place. This will further drive
the need for innovation and advancement.

Construction Gains a
Start-up Accelerator

top company recognizes construction lags in technology and is taking steps to
change that. You know something big is coming when a company like Virgin takes
an interest in construction. Virgin StartUp wants to propel innovation in
construction, prompting the launch of ConstruTech, the
first construction technology accelerator program.

apply for the six-week program. Virgin StartUp works with the selected
companies to help fund and scale their businesses. They’ll also provide
mentoring, office space, and access to product validation and a go-to-market

wants startups that can solve three challenges:

  • People:
    Provide staff with tools and resources to do jobs effectively.
  • Smart

    Improve productivity while reducing environmental impact.
  • Data:
    Capture data and learn from it.

accelerator program runs from July to August, so it’s possible they will
introduce something this fall.

The Latest Construction
Technology Advancements

construction accelerator is one clue that construction technology is changing.
The second is that researchers around the world have developed durable,
cheaper, and more environment-friendly smart materials.

Here are
seven new construction materials to give you an idea of how construction
advancements will make a positive impact on companies, buildings, and the

  • CABKOMA strand rod: Five times lighter than a metal rod and more durable.
  • Cigarette butts: Recycle a million tons into lighter, durable, and
    energy-efficient bricks.
  • Cooling bricks: Produces a cooling effect that cools down building interiors.
  • Light-generating cement: Traps sunlight and
    releases it at night to light up the road.
  • Breathing bricks: Absorbs polluted air and filters clean air.
  • Self-healing concrete: Repairs itself when heated
    to save millions of dollars yearly.
  • Translucent wood: Cheap wood that allows light to pass through.

can explore “5
Construction Automation Technologies
” for more innovations that
will also have a positive effect on the industry. These include drones,
robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, and remote
video surveillance
for added construction security.

accelerator and these new technologies indicate the industry is finally moving
the needle in construction technology. It will help companies be more efficient
and build buildings that are cheaper and environment-friendly.

construction technology and innovations will increase efficiencies and save
millions of dollars, construction
remains a high priority. However, it is possible to find
additional cost savings with the right construction security investment and
solution. If you’d like to learn more about intelligent monitoring security
options available in construction, please contact us.