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Group with Rental Truck Attempt to Steal Appliances from Construction Site

Posted by Brandon East on Sep 15, 2023

While the construction business has long been plagued with materials and equipment theft, recently criminals have gotten significantly bolder. In Florida, four men were arrested after stealing nearly $40K in appliances and building materials after witnesses said they saw the suspects putting items into a U-Haul before taking off.  

This kind of scheme is more common than you’d expect- and in this Arrest of the Month video, a group in North Carolina attempted a similar caper- though thanks to Stealth’s help, it went significantly poorer for the suspects.  

Around 11:30 p.m., Stealth security professionals monitoring a North Carolina construction site spotted a large group of individuals arriving onsite in a rental truck before exiting the vehicle and entering an unfinished building. The suspects appeared to be stealing appliances from the property. Local police were immediately called and arrived onsite quickly, causing the group to scatter. Two individuals were taken into custody and placed under arrest. 

Help Protect Your Jobsites from Theft of Valuable Materials and More with Proactive Security 

Thanks to supply chain issues and inflation, construction sites are dealing with an even higher risk of theft and vandalism than they have prior. Traditional security measures, like perimeter fencing and courtesy patrols, or even passive surveillance cameras, are simply not enough to fend off the influx of criminal activity. 

Stealth’s remote video monitoring, however, is a proactive security solution that can help deter and disperse criminal and other unwanted activity in real time, as it happens. Stealth’s customized live video surveillance monitoring solutions help to catch events as they happen, allowing for intervention before significant damage or theft occurs. We use a combination of cutting-edge video analytics and highly trained security professionals to monitor your jobsites in key areas, and when we spot someone of something out of place, our trained security operators can take immediate action, sounding onsite audible alarms letting criminals know they’re being watched- which alone is often enough to send them running. When a situation would be better served by police intervention, our staff can contact police dispatch, who typically elevate our call priority thanks to our live details and descriptions of activity in progress. 

Stealth can effectively meet the many unique security challenges that construction sites face– from theft and vandalism to liability concerns and subcontractor management, all at a cost of 25-60% less than traditional solutions. 

Contact us today and speak with a construction security specialist for details or to get your free quote. 

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