How a Manufacturer and Wholesaler Uses Live Video Monitoring for More Than Just Catching Criminals

Posted by Gernae Alexander on January 15, 2021

For years Renfro Foods, a Dallas-based salsa and condiment producer/distributor, used a simple audio-only burglar alarm to protect its property. This outdated system would activate only when something triggered the alarm. This was often in the middle of the night and would necessitate a quick decision from owner Doug Renfro as to whether he needed to get out of bed to meet the police.

The Search for A More Effective Security Solution

A tired and frustrated Renfro turned to Stealth Monitoring for a better option. He met with Stealth’s security experts to discuss his security concerns. The Stealth team then designed and installed a custom solution to better suit the needs of Renfro’s manufacturing and warehouse facilities which spanned two city blocks.

Live Video Monitoring: More Than Just a Crime Deterrent

Not only did Stealth’s solution restore Renfro’s peaceful nights and peace of mind, but it also gave him a few more unexpected benefits and uses.

1. Employee Training

Mr. Renfro and his management team often use video footage in new hire training. For example, the production manager can access the cameras from his phone to provide feedback to the night shift.

2. Evidence in to Use for Accidents and Liability Issues

Video often provides concrete evidence to help determine culpability if an accident or other unforeseen incident happens. In one case, footage was used to resolve a power outage inside the facility that halted production. It seemed a truck had hit a low-hanging wire which caused the transformer pole to snap. The utility company took responsibility and paid for all repairs.

This video showed how a pallet of finished product was damaged.

Want to learn more about how Stealth’s solution has contributed to Renfro’s success or get information about how Stealth’s proactive live video monitoring can help your commercial property? Click here or contact us.

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