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How Can You Keep People from Living in Your Self-Storage Units?

Posted by David Charney on Jan 16, 2019

As a self-storage operator, or any commercial property owner
for that matter, you will deal with illegal activities at some point. Your
property can be a target for crime, whether it’s trespassers, vandals or
thieves. Then there are extreme cases like this one: a body was found in an
unlocked unit at a self-storage facility in Tulsa,
. Police estimate the unidentified man had been inside for a
day before he was found. A nearby
business owner has been frustrated with the homeless situation. Because of its
proximity to a busy thoroughfare, the storage facility is a frequent haven for
homeless people and this has had a negative impact on the neighboring

As is the case with any retail business, loiterers and
panhandlers can keep customers away, which ultimately results in lost revenue. For
operators, homeless people create another problem: live-in
renters. Some move in to escape harsh weather. Others may do it because the
rental rates are cheaper than an apartment. Whatever the case, not only is
living in a storage unit illegal, it can be dangerous. In Austin,
, a nonprofit agency for veterans lost $2,000 worth of donated
equipment when urine from homeless people seeped into their storage unit.

So, how can you help keep unwanted visitors away from your
property? Live video monitoring is a cost-effective method to help protect your
facility, customers’ possessions and your liability exposure. Stealth
Monitoring’s proactive security solution combines video analytics with human
intelligence to watch for activities in real time. Our trained operators can
watch for break-ins and people taking up residence in units, then activate
speaker warnings, contact property managers or call local police.

Not only does our remote video monitoring help protect your
storage units, it can lessen your liability by increasing security around
offices areas, glass windows and access gates. Our solution has also been successful
at driving up fill rates and controlling operating costs.

Security is crucial at self-storage facilities to help keep
out unwanted visitors and provide a safe environment for tenants and staff. If
you would like information about our proactive security solutions, contact us