How Do Audio Warnings Deter Unwanted Activity?

Posted by Rick Charney on November 12, 2018

The last thing a criminal wants, besides getting caught, is to attract attention. That’s why audio warnings are an effective method for deterring unwanted activity. Not only do audio warnings highlight a situation, they let intruders know they are being watched. The earlier visitors know they have been spotted, the more likely it is they will leave.

Watch how audio warnings helped deter activity at this property.

What Are Audio Warnings?

They are announcements, made through a security system, that are heard at the site but issued by trained security operators located in a remote monitoring center. For apartments and other commercial properties, audio warnings are an essential part of a remotely-monitored security solution. They are especially effective at deterring homeless activity since vagrants don’t typically want to be confronted, let alone arrested. When unusual activity is spotted, like trespassing, loitering and panhandling, the operator will activate the speaker warning which lets intruders know they are being monitored and police will be notified if necessary.

The use of audio warnings gives an on-site presence, even though the operator is miles away. At Stealth, we reduce and deter 500-600 criminal events every month, resulting in about 80 arrests during that same time span. The current audio warning we use consists of pre-recorded messages that are triggered by our operators. Our R&D department we will soon unveil a system that allows operators to make live announcements over the speakers to communicate specific details such as shirt color and current action. The new solution will also be combined with an amber strobe light that illuminates anytime an audio warning is triggered.

Audio warnings have proven to be very effective for proactively deterring crime and unwanted behavior as soon as it is spotted. Our trained operators activate speakers at trespassers and loiterers, who usually go running off the property since they had no idea someone was watching them.

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