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How to Meet Strict Canadian Cannabis Security Requirements

Posted by Mark Mariotti on Apr 23, 2019

Two things make the cannabis industry different from everyone else. One is that it’s a cash-heavy business making it ripe for robbery. As a result, Health Canada and the Access to Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) created detailed Cannabis laws and regulations.

These regulations provide the second reason a cannabis dispensary faces more challenges than the typical business. The cannabis security requirements are one of the tougher ones to meet.

The Challenge of Cannabis Security Requirements

Canada’s medical cannabis regulation defines two categories to qualify patients for medical cannabis access. Category 1 covers symptoms for specific medical conditions. Category 2 covers patients with devastating symptoms that do not fall under Category 1. In this case, a qualified healthcare professional will need to support the patient’s application.

Here are the highlights of the taxing cannabis dispensary security requirements:

  • Capture all identities with visual monitoring
  • Stop unauthorized access with physical barriers
  • Provide 24/7 video surveillance with access control and gate management
  • Use Canadian resources for video monitoring

Moreover, the Cannabis Act states that provinces and territories take responsibility for how businesses can distribute and sell cannabis in their jurisdictions.

The Search for A Cannabis Security Solution

Agrotiva is a medical cannabis facility in Ontario. Its mission is to supply affordable medical-grade cannabis to Canadian veterans and others in need. The keyword is affordable. Agrotiva wanted a solution that satisfies Canadian cannabis security requirements while getting a return on investment.

So, was he able to find a solution? Is it possible to satisfy Health Canada’s stringent regulations from a company he could lean on for support? Yes. And this case study proves that.

READ THE FULL CASE STUDY HERE and find out more about Agrotiva’s challenge, Stealth Monitoring’s solution and the unexpected results.

If you would like more information about Stealth’s cannabis security solutions in the U.S. and Canada, contact us.