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How Does Illegal Dumping Impact Your Property?

Posted by Sean Murphy on Sep 20, 2017

Any commercial property can become a victim of illegal dumping. Businesses and residents dump their waste for a variety of different reasons. For example, businesses may dump nonhazardous materials to avoid collection fees from haulers. Residents, on the other hand, may dump the garbage because they do not want to take it to the appropriate disposal site.

There are different ways to combat illegal dumping. This includes live video monitoring, an on-site security guard service, locked dumpsters, and education. Many times people do not know about the laws and consequences of illegal dumping.

Can illegal dumping impact operational costs?

Illegal dumping of waste can increase operational expenses for a commercial property. Dumpsters fill up faster and may require more frequent dumpster pickups. People may leave large bulky items like appliances, chairs, couches, and electronics near dumpsters or empty fields and spaces near offices or industrial sites. Abandoned garbage takes away from a site’s aesthetic, brand, and value for the property and the tenants. It forces property managers to call and pay for a junk removal service company.

Are there any dangers associated with illegal dumping?

Property managers should try to prevent illegal dumping to protect tenants, employees, and customers. Waste may take up parking spaces. Junk can have sharp edges or broken glass. As a result, it can cause serious injuries or sickness. Guests, employees, and tenants may injure themselves on scattered debris near dumpsters.

A security guard may be able to prevent illegal dumping. An on-duty security guard can patrol the commercial property. The sight of a security guard may be a visual deterrent for would-be illegal dumpers. Another security solution is a remote video service. A trained commercial security operator can activate an on-site speaker warning to deter criminal activity. If the situation escalates, the security operator can call the local police. The video capturing capabilities can record the criminal activity as it happens. Surveillance video can be used as evidence.

Another way to reduce dumping is to educate the public. Your commercial property can collaborate with your city. This initiative can educate the public about the consequences of illegal dumping. Adding signs near your dumpsters can also deter this criminal activity. Many residents are unaware that illegal dumping is a crime and there are consequences involved with this activity.

Is there a place where I can learn about illegal dumping prevention?

The CalRecycle initiative informs the public of where they can dispose of their waste. The website has links and summaries about alternative waste collection and recycling programs. Many communities in California feel that minimizing and eventually preventing illegal dumping are the best methods to combat this problem. Your city or state may have additional information about illegal dumping and ways to prevent it.

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