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Trespasser Hops Construction Site Fence with Bike

Posted by Ryan Cox on Jan 13, 2023

Construction sites are dangerous. Exposed wiring, open subfloors, metal, concrete, and heavy machinery- there’s a wealth of potential injuries waiting to happen even when the folks on site are experienced and trained.

The last thing any construction business or site manager wants to deal with are liability claims after someone decides to make a jobsite their playground. In this Arrest of the Month video, cameras caught a trespasser hopping a construction site fence- with a bike.

At nearly 11:00 p.m., Stealth security operators spotted a trespasser on the western end of a Canadian construction site. The trespasser then hefts a bike over the fence and gains further access themselves, grabbing some items and disappearing off camera. Operators attempted to contact on-site security guards but received no answer. They then called local police who arrived on site quickly and made contact with the suspect and secured the site.

Need Help Reducing Trespassing and Liability Risks on Your Jobsites?

Gates. Fences. Even expensive on-site security guards patrolling the area are often not enough to keep thieves, vandals, vagrants, and even bored teens from accessing the myriad dangers and expensive equipment and materials on your construction jobsites.

Stealth’s remote video monitoring is a proactive security solution that can both bolster your overall security strategy and improve security outcomes while helping to deter and disperse criminal activity in real time.

Customizable for your jobsite and its specific needs, remote video monitoring uses a combination of analytics and human intelligence to watch critical points for more than just movement. The analytics-based cameras alert to activity, and trained security professionals monitor feeds to determine when intervention is needed. Just as in the example above, when Stealth contacts police dispatch, they typically elevate the priority of our calls thanks to the ability to provide up-to-the-minute information about suspect locations and descriptions.

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